The Amber Janitorial Management Team

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Founder and President

Sandra Amodt

Sandra Amodt is the Founder and President of Amber Janitorial, Inc. She heads a team of 29 employees managing a broad spectrum of commercial cleaning contracts, both large and small. From the very beginning, Sandra has operated the business based on the very simple premise that long term client relationships are far better than short term gain; that excellence in service and attention to detail will always win out over quick solutions. This philosophy has built Amber Janitorial, Inc. in to the successful enterprise that it is today.

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Operations Manager

Julie Pearl

Julie Pearl is the Operations Manager for Amber Janitorial, Inc. Julie Joined AJI in 2010. Julie showed leadership capabilities immediately. She takes the ball and runs far, and in the right direction. Julie started as a cleaning technician, then trained on floors and was quickly promoted to a job site lead. After a year she was promoted to Area Lead, and now she is training in the Operations Manager position. She has shown her ambitious nature for challenge. She is mastering the position and ready for more. Julie is an authentic customer service driven person, who aims to please!

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Senior Lead, Northwest Seattle

Boon Boonthong

Boon Boonthong serves as Amber Janitorial, Inc's Senior Lead for the Northwest Seattle area. Boon joined AJI in 1996. He started out as a cleaning technician at our cement plant, and quickly moved up the ladder to become the Lead Technician of our largest single accounts. Boon has successfully been the key player in locating superior staff and has handily supervised the same building for 18 years. Our customer says he really likes us. Boon feels privileged to be entrusted to the care of such a lovely building.

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Senior Lead, Airport & SeaTac

Pedro Barrios

Pedro Barrios serves as Amber Janitorial, Inc's Senior Lead for the Airport and SeaTac area. Pedro joined AJI in 2012. He started out at Boon's and Sys's job sites assisting with folks on vacation. Pedro was so well liked and trusted that we asked him to come on board as a full time employee and work at the airport account. He agreed, and after 6 months was promoted to Lead Technician of the Airport and the separate operations building. Pedro is successfully running the large job sites. He has a solid work ethic and is a great role model to his team.

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Lead, Auburn & SeaTac

Scott Chapman

Scott Chapman serves as Amber Janitorial, Inc's Lead for the Auburn and SeaTac area. Scott joined AJI in 2013. Scott is a very strong team player and enjoys team cleaning. He is an excellent trainer and enjoys any challenge. Scott is the Lead at one of our Church accounts, and the weekend Lead at the airport. Scott is an asset in that he is always looking for ways to improve the quality of our work and add value to our service.

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Lead, Central Seattle

Sy Vankham

Sy Vankham serves as Amber Janitorial, Inc's Lead for the Central Seattle area. Sy joined AJI in 1999. He started as a Cleaning Technician at the cement plant and within 6 months became the Lead Technician and remains the Lead for this very challenging building complex. Cement is difficult to clean, and Sy created many new techniques to bring a shine to tabletops and floors. Sy is very well liked by customers and his crew members. He is a true asset and a motivated hard worker.

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Lead, Valley Area

Nancy Chaijaroen

Nancy Chaijaroen serves as Amber Janitorial, Inc's Lead for the Valley Area. Nancy joined AJI in 1999. She is a strong team leader and excellent trainer. Nancy is full of enthusiasm; it shows in her positive attitude and A + work. She is trained and certified in floor care and technical cleaning. Nancy has been in charge of ordering all supplies for customers to include their food products in lunchrooms. This is an unusual trust from the customer which has been bestowed on Nancy.

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It is so wonderful to come to St. Barbara and see how clean and fresh the church and other buildings always look. Although most of us never get to see you as you perform your magical cleaning, we certainly do enjoy the fruits of your labor. You do such a magnificent job and we are grateful for your service.

All your efforts, taking place in the background, truly do assist us in striving for our parish goal of being a welcoming and loving parish that provides for everyone's spiritual growth. We are truly blessed for having people such as yourself. Thank you so very much.

..The Saint Barbara Pastoral Council

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